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Gender identity and deprivation

Explore what the Census 2021 shows us about gender identity and deprivation in London's neighbourhoods.

How to use this tool

  • Use the drop down menu to select a gender identity and see where Londoners with that identity are located.
  • The deprivation chart at the bottom will update to show the proportion of the selected population with the selected gender identity in each London neighbourhood. The x axis shows each neighbourhood's deprivation level.
  • To look at a borough in more detail, select it from the dropdown menu or click on it in the map. This will show a detailed look at its neighbourhoods, which will be highlighted in the deprivation chart.

These data were published on the basis of the ONS confirming that the question met the requirements of public acceptability, of being understood by respondents and providing the data needed by users. 

Our priority is, and always will be, to ensure that the LPP represents and provides insights into the lives of London's richly diverse population. This analysis plays an important part of this. We are also aware of the ongoing review of the quality of the data that underpin these statistics, which we believe to be reporting soon. As such, until the full results of that review have been published and analysed, these data should be treated as indicative and used with caution.