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London's geography and population

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London's geography and population
Region Total population Population change (2011-2021) Population per km2 % BME % not UK-born
London sub-region:
1,408,700 0.30% 10,936 43% 44%
London sub-region: East 2,826,900 10% 6,123 50% 38%
London sub-region: North 982,300 5.60% 4,981 44% 43%
London sub-region: South 1,641,300 6.50% 4,213 36% 32%
London sub-region: West 1,937,200 7.50% 4,908 53% 47%
London 8,796,600 6.70% 5,596 46% 41%
Rest of England 47,739,800 5.90% 371 14% 13%

Data source: Mid-year population estimates, ONS (2021). Population of the UK by country of birth and nationality, 2021 Census. Ethnic group populations, 2021 Census..

Around 8.8 million people live in London, which had overall growth since 2011 of 6.7% - slightly higher than the rest of England’s growth of 5.9%. This growth was strongest in East London which saw an increase of 10%. North, South and West London also had sizeable population increases of 5.6%, 6.5% and 7.5% respectively, but Central London only increased by 0.3%.

Central London has the highest level of population density with 10,936 people per km2, which is almost twice the level of London overall. Still, London overall is 15 times more dense than the rest of England, with 5,596 and 371 people per km2 respectively.

46% of Londoners are Black and Minority Ethnic and 41% are not born in the UK. West London has the highest proportion (53%) of its population that are Black and Minority Ethnic and 47% who are not UK-born. These proportions are much higher in comparison to the population in the rest of England, where only 14% of the population are Black and Minority Ethnic and 13% are born outside of the UK.

London's sub-regions (2011)