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London Living Wage

Illustration Work

The Living Wage Campaign demands fair pay for a hard day’s work. Trust for London was an early funder of the campaign, which was set up in 2001 by Citizens UK. In 2021, we committed an additional £4.8m over four years to help make London a Living Wage city.

The issue

We know that work is a vital route out of poverty. However, more and more households in the capital are struggling to afford bills and essentials, even though they’re working.

Paying a Living Wage is a vital step towards lifting more Londoners out of poverty.

  • £13.15

    is the London Living Wage rate for 2023/24
  • 500,000

    Londoners in work are paid less than the London Lliving Wage

What is the Living Wage?

The real Living Wage is a voluntary pay-rate paid by over 14,000 UK employers. It is the only wage rate based on the cost of living.

The UK Real Living Wage rate is £11.95. Due to higher living costs, the London Living Wage rate, which is also voluntary, is higher, at £13.15.

There’s a significant difference between the real Living Wage rate and the government’s national living wage of £10.42 per hour (for workers over the age of 22). Unlike the Real Living Wage, this national living wage fails to recognise the steep increase in the cost of living across the country, and the higher costs for people who live and work in London.

The Real Living Wage is voluntary, meaning employers aren’t legally obliged to pay it. Currently, 17% of people working in London earn less than the London Living Wage.

The Living Wage Campaign

More than 14,000 employers have committed to paying the Living Wage, leading to pay rises for 460,000 workers, since the campaign began 20 years ago.

We’re proud supporters of the Living Wage Campaign and how its people-powered movement aims to end in-work poverty.

Making London a Living Wage city

1,296 organisations headquarted in London have been Living Wage accredited since we committed £4.8m to make London a Living Wage city in 2021. By committing to pay the Living Wage, more than 52,000 Londoners on the lowest incomes have received payrises. Find out more about the achievements of the campaign to date.

Why pay the Living Wage?

In this video, our chief executive Manny Hothi outlines why paying a real Living Wage is so important, why businesses should get accredited and what we as a funder are doing.

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By building a powerful, diverse movement of people and communities and through Living Hours, we’ll also challenge insecure work. Our funding will help Citizen UK organise workers and communities, influence employers and build profile and support for the campaign.

With the right tools, communities can reject the shame that has been forced on low-paid workers for too long, and use their power and voice to demand change.

What can I do?

I'm an individual

Get involved in your local community. Find out more on Citizens UK's website.

I'm an employer

You can make sure you’re paying at least the London Living Wage. Commit to become a Living Wage employer on the Living Wage Foundation's website.

Become a Living Wage employer