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ELAN Migrant Workers Working Group


The Working Group focuses on the issues facing migrant workers in the workplace and the particular barriers they face in accessing justice in employment rights.

Issues in the workplace

Migrant workers often experience workplace situations that are non-compliant with UK employment law including incorrect labelling of employment status, unlawful termination of working relationships, absence of grievance procedures, unlawful withholding of wages and reduction of wages, long working hours, poor working conditions, and forced labour.

Barriers to accessing justice in employment rights

Migrant workers frequently experience barriers that include language and cultural barriers. They may have experienced trauma in their home country and have complex financial or emotional relationships with family in their home country. They often have poor understanding of the legal systems in the UK and a fear of raising any workplace issues incase their immigration status is affected.

Aims of the working group

  1. Improve understanding of the existence and impact of the exploitation and vulnerability of migrant workers beyond the charities working in this space.
  2. Improve skills of the wider employment advice sector to spot issues and obtain relevant information.
  3. Improve signposting to organisations that can provide support.
  4. Provide a platform for case studies.
  5. Share good practice.

Group members

All ELAN members are welcome to attend including those who are not experts in working in this area. To find out more, email victoria@trustforlondon.org.uk. Our meetings are regularly attended by representatives of the following organisations: