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Levelling Up in London - Phase 2 Report: London’s Contribution in the UK

Author: Centre for London

What you need to know:

  • With its focus on addressing geographic inequality, the government’s levelling up agenda has paid little attention to inequalities within London and the difficulties that many Londoners face.
  • This report, produced by Centre for London and funded by Trust for London, sets out what London’s needs are, how they affect Londoners, and the challenge of getting a hearing for these issues.
  • The report ask the government to take these needs into account when making decisions about funding for London.

Following the phase 1 report on London’s unique levelling up challenges, this second and final phase of our research programme on the levelling up agenda looks outwards, highlighting why the capital is so important for the country’s economy and culture.

The government should increase overall investment spending in every region of the UK, including London. This would protect the capital’s ability to raise tax revenues and support the national economy at a difficult time.

People both inside and outside London generally agree on the good and bad things about it, with little personal animosity towards Londoners. But messages about London’s economic contribution to the UK are not viewed positively.

London makes a wide range of contributions to the UK, not just financial. These range from attracting international tourism to creating transport innovation, supporting refugees and encouraging foreign direct investment.

To prevent the risk of funding to London being cut, London’s leaders and advocates should work together to end the language of “us and them”, often used to compare the capital with the rest of the UK.

Levelling UP 2

07 December 2022

Levelling Up in London - Phase 2 Report: London’s Contribution in the UK