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Supporting artists and activists in the Disability justice movement

This new report from Filmpro explores the landscape of Disability justice in Lambeth, and particularly the experience of Black and LGBT+ Disabled Londoners.

Filmpro with ten is a project under our Disability justice fund looking at how art can help Disabled campaigners to create change. This research is the first stage of the project, exploring the ways that Disabled artists and activists can be better supported.

The findings of this report will inform the next stage of the project - a 6-week training program supporting 10 Disabled, D/deaf or neurodivergent campaigners based in South London.

Alongside the report, filmpro has published an interview with the researcher Blue discussing the research. Read it here.

Key findings

  • There is a lack of well funded physical spaces for Black LGBT+ Disabled people to organise and create.
  • Among some Deaf and Disabled People's Organisations in Lambeth, who are doing important work to change the lives of Disabled people, there are some limitations on the connections of their work to the social model of disability. There was also limited connection to campaigns for justice outside of disability.
  • There is a lack of unified clarity surrounding definitions of disability amongst DPO’s and at the same time, a willingness to learn from fellow Disabled people about how they can be more accessible.
  • Digital activism was prevalent among Black and LGBT+ Disabled people, including as a way for people to create their own spaces. This was partly driven by a lack of community spaces available to them.

Key recommendations

  1. A forum for Lambeth Disabled people's organisations to discuss the social model of disability, such as through a series of workshops or conference style events
  2. More funding for Disabled artists and organisers, especially for those from racialised communities
  3. Bridge the gaps between digital and physical spaces in the disability justice community, including by carrying out further research into the physical spaces used by Disabled people in Lambeth and South London, especially those with limited access to digital spaces. This would then be used as a framework to understand how digital and physical spaces for Disability justice can collaborate with each other
  4. More funding for Black and LGBT+ organisers and researchers in Disability justice fields, including an accessible space to host events and programmes
Read the full report here

About filmpro

filmpro is an organisation of digital artists, led by Disabled and neurodivergent practitioners. Through advice, training and creative opportunities, it supports artists who experience barriers to create their best work.