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Beyond the Food Bank: London Food Poverty Profile 2019

Author: Lailah Nesbitt-Ahmed, SUSTAIN

This is London Food Link’s fifth annual Beyond the Food Bank: London Food Poverty Profile report. It tracks what London’s 33 councils are doing to improve household food security, which according to accepted definitions means helping people ‘feed themselves and their dependents adequately, healthily and without anxiety’.

The report focuses on 10 measures that are within the influence and control of local councils, which if improved on will enhance health and reduce inequality across the capital. Data has been collected via a questionnaire that assesses the level of activity by boroughs on each of these measures. This year, 28 councils responded to the questionnaire.

There have been two significant changes to the methodology for this year’s report. In some cases this has contributed to a decline in scores compared to last year. 10 questions have been added across a number of the measures in the questionnaire. These new questions help to ensure the data continues to reflect developments at the local and national level and accurately reflects how well councils are faring. The scoring system has also been revised to ensure councils receive more points for activity that most directly relates to the measure being advocated in the report.


30 October 2019

Beyond the Food Bank: London Food Poverty Profile 2019