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Temporary accomodation

We want to see a shared commitment to end temporary accommodation for Londoners by 2035.

The problem we are trying to solve

London Councils estimate that 1 in 50 Londoners are living in Temporary Accommodation. This includes 83,000 children: on average one in every classroom. Councils are spending billions of pounds housing homeless people, sucking £233 million away from other vital services. Bad housing affects people’s health, productivity, education and prospects. London’s housing crisis magnifies wider dynamics of power and inequality. Marginalised groups are disproportionately affected, and insecure housing undermines their ability to move out of poverty.

How change will happen

Ending temporary accommodation is central to a better housing strategy for Londoners. For this to happen, people who don’t normally talk will need to connect and campaign for this common goal. Voices from grassroots or policy work will need to speak to power. Second tier organisations can play a role – using networks to bring connect people, building skills (including resourcing ‘doing,’ not just training). Organisations with access to decision-makers, including funders, can use their power to invite others in and give them a platform.

What we will fund

  • Grants to organisations working to support and advocate for and with Londoners in temporary accommodation.
  • Wrap-around support and capacity-building for organisations to help them build the voice, connections and influence of Londoners in TA.
  • Cross-sector initiatives to build consensus around change needed and work that links alliances and campaigns.

Ready to apply for funding under this goal?