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Children in poverty by borough, before and after housing costs

Proportion of children in poverty before and after housing costs by London borough (2021/22)

This indicator shows the large disparity in poverty rates for children in different London boroughs. Tower Hamlets is the borough with the highest rate of child poverty (after housing costs). Almost half (48%) of children are growing up in poverty in Tower Hamlets, compared to 12% in Richmond upon Thames.

It also demonstrates the large impact that the cost of housing has on poverty in the capital. In the borough with the highest poverty levels (Tower Hamlets), 27% of children are classified as being in poverty before housing costs are considered. Taking account of housing costs increases this figure to 48%. 

The child poverty rate at least doubles when housing costs are accounted for in 20 of the 33 boroughs, and even in the borough with the lowest gap between before and after housing costs (Barking and Dagenham) housing costs still increase the child poverty rate by 75%.