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Racial justice

Too many Black and minoritised Londoners are locked out of the benefits London has to offer. You're more likely to be in poverty than your white counterparts if you're Black or from a minoritised community and live in London. We fund organisations led by Black and minoritised communities challenging racial and economic injustice.

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Bellingham Community Centre

The issue

There is a clear, evidence-based link between race and poverty. Black and minoritised households in the UK are twice as likely to be living in poverty as their white counterparts. This disproportionate inequality is at the heart of racial injustice, and it’s unacceptable.

We want to directly fund organisations led by Black and minoritised communities working to challenge racial and economic injustice. Our aim is to hear fresh voices, build alliances and test out new ideas to help increase wealth and income in Black and minoritised communities.

What we're funding

Find out more about the projects we funded in phase one of the racial justice fund.

There's always that underlying question of what would've happened if I didn't look the way I did...


Get in touch

Ugo leads on our racial justice fund. Tripta and Rebecca support our racial justice work.