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Homelessness duties outcomes

Outcomes of homelessness initial assessment per 1,000 households (2022/23)

What does this indicator show?

When a household becomes homeless, or is at risk of homelessness, their local authority owes them a duty. There are three main types of homelessness duties: 

  1. Prevention duty: Local authorities owe prevention duties to help stop households at risk of homelessness losing their accommodation.
  2. Relief duty: If a household is homeless, the local authority owes them a relief duty to provide some sort of accommodation.
  3. Main duty: The main homelessness duty to provide accommodation (which until 2018 was the only statutory duty owed to homeless households) comes into effect when the relief duty has failed and accommodation has not been secured.

Graphs on this page show how many people were owed homelessness duties in London compared to the rest of England - and what the outcomes of these duties were.

What does it tell us?

As a proportion of the population, more households were assessed for homelessness and were deemed to be owed homelessness duties by local authorities in London than in the rest of England in 2022/23.

What were the outcomes of these duties?

Outcomes of homelessness relief duties by local authorities (2022/23)

When trying to prevent homelessness, Local Authorities in London were similarly successful in securing accommodation as those in the rest of England (the main duty). However, 1.51 per 1,000 households in London became homeless after being assessed as owed prevention by their Local Authority. And local authorities in London were unable to secure accommodation for 4.9 per 1,000 households in London, after assessing them as owed relief. 

This time series shows how the number of homeless families has changed over the past two decades. 

Outcomes of homelessness prevention duties by local authorities (2022/23)

Outcomes of homelessness main duty assessments by local authorities (2022/23)

Want to know more?

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